The Frustrators is a punk rock band with Jason Chandler (lead vocals), Terry Linehan (guitar, vocals), Art Tedeschi (drums), and Mike Dirnt (bass, vocals). All are members of other bands, Terry Linehan from Waterdog, Jason Chandler and Art Tedeschi from Violent Anal Death, and perhaps most notably, Mike Dirnt from Green Day.

They have had two releases with Adeline Records, the EP "Bored in the USA" and their debut LP "Achtung Jackass".

Achtung Jackass era

On 11 March 2002, The Frustrators released Achtung Jackass, on the Adeline Records label. "Bonus Track" is recorded backwards.

A reviewer at Allmusic described the album as "an enjoyable combination of new wave and bratty, goofball punk", with the song "My Best Friend's Girl" pegged as "setting the tone for the record" and showing "the band's ability to earnestly incorporate the diverse catchiness of new wave that makes it so true blue".


  • Jason Chandler
  • Terry Linehan
  • Art Tedeschi
  • Mike Dirnt


  • Achtung Jackass - Adeline Records
  • Bored in the USA EP - Adeline Records