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Pinhead Gunpowder

Background Information

Origin: East Bay, California

Genre(s): Punk rock.

Years Active: 1990-present

Label(s): Lookout!, Adeline, Recess.

Associated acts: Green Day. The Network, Foxboro Hot Tubs.

Band Members

Billie Joe Armstrong

Aaron Cometbus

Bill Schneider

Jason White

Former Members

Mike Kirsch

Pinhead Gunpowder is an East Bay, California punk rock band consisting of Aaron Cometbus (drums, lyrics), Bill Schneider (bass), Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vocals) and Jason White (guitar, vocals). Mike Kirsch (guitar, vocals) was part of the original band formed in 1990, but left the band citing personal differences with Green Day (the band for which Billie Joe Armstrong is most famous) and their major label debut in 1994 with Dookie. The band's name comes from a brand of "high octane" green tea served at the Arcata co-op and discovered serendipitously by Aaron Cometbus during one of his many dumpster diving adventures.

Aaron Cometbus, who releases the "Cometbus" fanzine, has played in many East Bay area bands such as Crimpshrine. Bill Schneider is now Green Day's guitar tech/tour manager. Jason White plays additional guitar for Green Day and along with founding seminal punk band Chino Horde, Jason has played in The Influents as well as The Big Cats. Mike Kirsch has also been an active member in several East Bay bands such as Fuel, Torches to Rome, Bread and Circuits and many others.


Pinhead Gunpowder performed for the first time in many years during February 2008, debuting three new songs, "Anniversary Song," "West Side Highway," and "On The Ave."

The band released their latest EP via Recess Records in August 2008. This marks the band's first new music in 5 years.

Pinhead Gunpowder released a greatest hits album called Kick Over the Traces on June 19, 2009. Also, Pinhead Gunpowder mentioned that in August or September Recess will re-release on vinyl and CD the albums: Jump Salty, Carry the Banner, Goodbye Ellston Avenue, Shoot The Moon and Compulsive Disclosure.


Studio Albums and Compilations

  • Jump Salty
  • Carry the Banner
  • Goodbye Ellston Avenue
  • Shoot the Moon
  • Compulsive Disclosure
  • West Side Highway
  • Kick Over the Traces

7"s and Singles

  • Trundle and Spring 7"
  • Fahizah 7" Lookout!
  • Dillinger Four/Pinhead Gunpowder Split 7"
  • Pinhead Gunpowder 7"
  • 8 Chords, 328 Words 7"


  • Billie Joe Armstrong - guitar, vocals (1990–present)
  • Jason White - guitar, vocals (1994–present)
  • Bill Schneider - bass (1990–present)
  • Aaron Cometbus - drums (1990–present)

Former Members

  • Mike Kirsch - guitar, vocals (1990–1994)