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This is a work-in-progress list of every person who was a member of Green Day, is credited as working on an official release or performed with the band. This does not include side projects.


Band Members

Musician Instruments Credits Years
Billie Joe Armstrong vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica All 1987-present
Mike Dirnt bass, vocals, organ All 1987-present
Raj Punjabi drums None 1987
Sean Hughes bass None 1987-1988
John Kiffmeyer drums, percussion, backing vocals All prior to Kerplunk! 1987–1990
Aaron Cometbus drums, backing vocals None 1990
Dave "E.C." Henwood drums None 1990
Tré Cool drums, percussion, vocals, guitar, accordion All since Kerplunk! 1990-present
Jason White guitar, backing vocals All between ¡Uno! and God's Favorite Band 2012-2016

Touring Musicians

Musician Instruments Credits Years
Garth Schultz trombone, trumpet None 1997–1999
Jason White guitar, backing vocals All since Tune In, Tokyo... 1999–present
Gabrial McNair trombone, tenor saxophone Tune In, Tokyo... 1999–2001
Kurt Lohmiller trumpet, timpani, percussion, vocals Tune In, Tokyo... 1999–2005
Jason Freese keyboards, piano, acoustic guitar, trombone, saxophone, accordion, backing vocals All since Bullet in a Bible 2003-present
Mike Pelino guitars, backing vocals Bullet in a Bible 2004–2005
Bobby Schneck guitars, backing vocals None 2004–2005
Ronnie Blake trumpet, percussion Bullet in a Bible 2005
Jeff Matika guitars, backing vocals Awesome as Fuck 2009–2019
John Kiffmeyer drums, backing vocals None 2015
Kevin Preston guitar, backing vocals None 2019-present

Guest Musicians

Studio Musicians

Musician Instruments Album Songs Year
Aaron Cometbus vocals Slappy "Knowledge" 1990
Petra Haden violin Nimrod "Hitchin' a Ride" 1997
Nimrod "Last Ride In" 1997
Gabrial McNair trombone Nimrod All/Most songs 1997
Stephen Bradley trumpet Nimrod All/Most songs 1997
Conan McCallum violin Nimrod "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" 1997
Benmont Tench additional musician Warning: "Church on Sunday" 2000
Gary Meek saxophone Warning: "Jackass" 2000
Mistress Simone dominatrix vocals, whip Warning: "Blood, Sex and Booze" 2000
Kathleen Hanna vocals American Idiot "Letterbomb" 2004
Rob Cavallo piano American Idiot All/Most songs 2004
keyboards ¡Uno! All/Most songs 2012
Jason Freese saxophone American Idiot All/Most songs 2004
piano 21st Century Breakdown All/Most songs 2009
Patrick Warren string conducting 21st Century Breakdown All/Most songs 2009
Lady Cobra vocals ¡Dos! "Nightlife" 2012
Ronnie Blake trumpet Revolution Radio "Bouncing Off the Wall" 2016
Miranda Lambert vocals God's Favorite Band "Ordinary World" 2017

Stage Musicians

Musician Instruments Arena Songs Date
Tim Armstrong guitar, vocals Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum "Knowledge" December 2, 1994
House of Blues "Knowledge" April 16, 2015
924 Gilman Street "Knowledge" May 17, 2015
Davey Havok vocals DNA Lounge "Going to Pasalacqua" April 9, 2009
NC Bank Arts Center "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?" August 14, 2010
Comfort Dental Amphitheatre "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?" August 28, 2010


Note: This section does not include credits from cover songs.


To Be Added

Musician Part Album Songs Year
David Campbell string arrangements Nimrod All/Most songs 1997
None "Espionage" 1997
Warning: All/Most songs 2000
Tom Kitt string arrangements 21st Century Breakdown All/Most songs 2009
string/horn arrangements ¡Tré! All/Most songs 2012


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Production Crew


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Raj Punjabi (1987) • Sean Hughes (1987-1988) • John Kiffmeyer (1987–1990) • Aaron Cometbus (1990) • Dave "E.C." Henwood (1990) • Jason White (2012–2016)

Touring Members Current

Jason White (1999–present) • Jason Freese (2006–present) • Kevin Preston (2019–present)


Gabrial McNair (1999–2001) • Garth SchultzKurt Lohmiller (1999–2005) • Mike Pelino (2006–2007) • Ronnie Blake (2006–2007) • Jeff Matika (2009–2019)


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