"I Fought the Law" is a much-covered song originally recorded by Sonny Curtis and The Crickets (post Buddy Holly) in 1959. The song was famously covered by Bobby Fuller Four, who recorded a more successful version of the song in 1965, and by The Clash, who performed and recorded a punk rock version in 1976 and 1977.

Green Day Cover

File:I Fought T.jpg

Green Day released a cover of the song on the 1st of Feburary 2004. It was released as a digital download on iTunes. The Green Day cover version of the song was used in a television ad for Apple Computer's iTunes Store when it was first opened.

Other Cover Versions

The song has also been performed, either in concert or on record, by the Dead Kennedys who did a version with different lyrics. Dave Courtney The London Gangster who sang alongside Scottish pop-punks Mute fronted by Jay Burnett who wrote an updated version complete with lyrics based on Dave's legendary court case. Both this and the Dead Kennedys' version are titled "I Fought the Law and I Won". Also, She Trinity, Viper, Bryan Adams, John Cougar Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Social Distortion, Stiff Little Fingers, Mike Ness, Hank Williams Jr, Waylon Jennings, Green Day, Ska-P, Dead Kennedys, The Ramones, Grateful Dead, Stray Cats, Mary's Danish, Claude François, Mano Negra, the Big Dirty Band, Nonstop Body/Lolita No. 18, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Sex Pistols, Attaque 77, Die Toten Hosen, Status Quo, Nanci Griffith, Anti-Flag and numerous other artists have covered this song live or in studio.