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Cigarettes and Valentines was the supposed seventh studio album from Green Day following their 2000 album, Warning. The album was almost finished when the master tracks were stolen from the recording studio at Studio 880. Instead of re-recording the album, the band decided to start from scratch, leading to the creation of American Idiot.



Billie Joe Armstrong said the album's material was "good stuff" that sounded like a mix between Nimrod and Warning. However, he called the theft a "blessing in disguise" believing the album wasn't "maximum Green Day". Even the band's producer, Rob Cavallo, told them he thought the album was mediocre at best. 

Bass player Mike Dirnt admitted that backups of the tapes were made but claims that "it just wasn't the same as the originals." In the same interview, he stated that he is certain that the masters will eventually be leaked by whoever stole them, and that his only hope was that "they give it a decent front cover." In 2016, both Billie and Mike both stated that they managed to get the stolen tapes back, but the master tapes that weren't stolen from the studio are currently being used to make new songs.

Release History

The initial reaction among fans thought that no material from the material would ever be heard of again. However on August 28th 2010 at Phoenix, Arizona while the band was on the 21st Century Breakdown World Tour, Billie Joe said, "Hey, I just wanna tell you something right now, were recording a live fucking album right now. We're gonna play a brand new song! It ain't that brand new - this song is called Cigarettes and Valentines... Let's go!" They then proceeded to play Cigarettes and Valentines to the crowd, along with Olivia. The title later ended up on Green Day's live album, Awesome As F**k which released on March 22nd, 2011. A music video about the song was uploaded to their Youtube channel earlier that year, while the other was uploaded after the album. One video has the audio from the Phoenix show, but random pictures from their Saitama Super Arena show in Japan appear, also making an appearance on the Awesome As Fuck DVD. The second video is a live performance of when they first played the song.

Some songs were confirmed to be Cigarettes and Valentines, such as the B-side Too Much Too Soon, as well with a few unreleased songs such as Dropout, Waste Away, and Sleepyhead, Oliva was rumored to be on the album but it was not confirmed for it. Other B-sides sides from American Idiotincluding Governator, Shoplifter, and Favorite Son were also rumored to be on Cigarettes and Valentines.

Unlikely Tracks

Lazy Bones and Stay the Night from the trilogy were also rumored to be apart of the album, but is unlikely as both were likely to be written throughout 2009-2011. While Stay The Night, along with Fuck Time were played as Foxboro Hot Tubs, it's unlikely neither were apart of the album. Walk Away was also rumored as in an interview with Mike Dirnt about the tracks, he misspoke and said "Walk Away" instead of "Waste Away" and a song of the same name is featured on ¡Tré!, causing people to believe it was written during that era. Youngblood was first rumored to be on Cigarettes and Valentines because Billie Joe Armstrong mentioned Youngblood was an "old song brought back from the vault," but it turns out that song was written in during the 21st Century Breakdown era so it could not have been apart of that album.

Track Listing

Cigarettes and Valentines Track Listing
Title Length Released? Confirmed? Notes
19th Nervous Breakdown N/A No Rumored Recorded around Cigarettes and Valentines era, Rolling Stones cover
Broadway N/A No Likely Recorded around Cigarettes and Valentines era
Cigarettes and Valentines 2:44 Yes (Awesome as Fuck) Yes Title track
Dropout N/A No Yes From the Warning sessions, re-recorded
End of the World N/A No Likely Recorded around Cigarettes and Valentines era
Favorite Son 2:06 Yes (American Idiot) Likely
Fuck Time 2:45 Yes (¡Dos!) No Originally from Foxboro Hot Tubs
Governator 2:31 Yes (American Idiot) Likely
Hearts Collide 2:39 Yes (21st Century Breakdown) Likely
Horseshoes & Handgrenades N/A No Likely Recorded around Cigarettes and Valentines era, song of same name on 21st Century Breakdown
Lately (One More Year) N/A No Likely Recorded around Cigarettes and Valentines era
Lazy Bones 3:34 Yes (¡Dos!) Rumored
Lights Out 2:16 Yes (21st Century Breakdown) Likely
Olivia N/A No Likely Played with Cigarettes and Valentines once
Shoplifter 1:50 Yes (American Idiot) Likely Shares production credits
Sleepyhead N/A No Yes From the Warning sessions, re-recorded
Stay The Night 4:36 Yes (¡Uno!) Rumored Played first as Foxboro Hot Tubs
The Pedestrian N/A No Likely Recorded around Cigarettes and Valentines era
Too Much Too Soon 3:30 Yes (American Idiot) Yes Confirmed in 2010
Too Young N/A No Likely Recorded around Cigarettes and Valentines era
Walk Away N/A No Rumored Recorded around Cigarettes and Valentines era, song of same name on ¡Tré!
Waste Away N/A No Yes From the Warning sessions, re-recorded
Youngblood 2:32 Yes (Revolution Radio) No Written during the 21st Century Breakdown era

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