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1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours is a compilation album consisting of Green Day's first full-length album, 39/Smooth, and their first two EPs, 1,000 Hours and Slappy. This album is often mistaken as Green Day's first album, most likely because it was the first album to be released in CD version, while 39/Smooth, Slappy, and 1,000 Hours were only released in LP version.


Track listing

All lyrics and music written by Green Day (Armstrong, Dirnt, and Kiffmeyer), except where noted.

No. Title Length
I. 39/Smooth (Album)
1. "At the Library"   2:26
2. "Don't Leave Me"   2:37
3. "I Was There" (lyrics written by Kiffmeyer) 3:36
4. "Disappearing Boy"   2:52
5. "Green Day"   3:29
6. "Going to Pasalacqua"   3:30
7. "16"   3:24
8. "Road to Acceptance"   3:35
9. "Rest"   3:05
10. "The Judge's Daughter"   2:34
II. Slappy (EP)
11. "Paper Lanterns" (lyrics written by Armstrong)   2:23
12. "Why Do You Want Him?"(lyrics written by Armstrong)   2:31
13. "409 in Your Coffeemaker"(lyrics written by Armstrong)   2:52

"Knowledge" (lyrics written by Jesse Michaels; music written by Michaels, Lint, Matt McCall, and Dave Mello; originally performed by Operation Ivy)

III. 1,000 Hours (EP)
15. "1,000 Hours" (lyrics written by Armstrong)   2:25
16. "Dry Ice" (lyrics written by Armstrong)   3:45
17. "Only of You"(lyrics written by Armstrong   2:47
18. "The One I Want" (lyrics written by Armstrong and Dirnt) 3:01
19. "I Want to Be Alone" (from The Big One compilation by Flipside Records, omitted from 2009 reissues) 3:09
Total Runtime: 56:15

Origin of Tracks

  • Tracks 1–10 from 39/Smooth (1990)
  • Tracks 11–14 from Slappy EP (1990)
  • Tracks 15–18 from 1,000 Hours EP (1989)
  • Track 19 from The Big One Compilation, a compilation that featured bands from the East Bay and Los Angeles


  • "Going to Pasalacqua" is named after Passalacqua Funeral Home in Benicia, California in reference to a boy throwing his life away for a girl he loves.
  • In the back of the album's booklet, there is a drawing, depicting "The Ritual Of The Trout." Referring to a dance that the members of Green Day found as an attempt for poseurs (namely the "Benicia Girls") trying to look like hardcore punks. This excerpt from the booklet clearly represents their dislike for the dance: "This is tolerated at Green Day shows but if your dear friend Lucky Dog here catches this shit going on at a Filth or Blatz show some poseur is gonna get MOSHED!"
  • According to Billie Joe, the song Dry Ice took 18 times to record because Al Sobrante kept making mistakes while drumming. At the end of the song, you can hear the band shout "yes, yes, we did it".
  • Originally Dry Ice was supposed to be called "Whupped", but according to a KLAX interview, *Al Sobrante named it Dry Ice because he felt "Whupped was stupid".
  • "Why Do You Want Him?" was reportedly the first song Billie Joe Armstrong wrote.