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• 12/24/2017

Which song has your favorite guitar solo?

Everyone knows that the guitar solo is an integral part of a song - so it got me wondering, which song do you guys think has the best guitar solo? In my opinion, the solo in Give Me Novacaine is one of the best guitar solos I've ever heard from them. What does everyone think?
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• 1/5/2018
Here's a couple more that I like - the guitar solo from When I Come Around is a classic: it's clean, simple, and catchy. The solo in East Jesus Nowhere is very underrated, it fits into the song very well. X-Kid is also home to one of my favorite solos, and another one from a song that I hardly ever hear anyone talk about is Working Class Hero. That song would probably on their top 5 most underrated songs.
• 1/14/2018
the holiday solo
• 2/3/2018
The Judge's Daughter.
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